Premier Volleyball League (PVL) is the highest level of club volleyball on offer in Brisbane. 

This weekly league consists of approximately 15 rounds on Sundays starting early April each year.

After the success of our PVL season in 2020, Easts is excited to offer the following divisions acorss both Mens and Womens Senior PVL in 2021:

  - Mens/Womens: Premier Division

  - Mens/Womens: Division 1

  - Mens/Womens: Division 2

  - Mens/Womens: Division 3


Easts PVL Program

Easts has had a long and proud history of being involved in Premier Volleyball League, and an even longer history of developing players to reach their full potential.

Following the success of our 2020 season claiming multiple division championships, Easts plans to nominate the following teams: 

 -   Mens Premier / Womens Premier

 -   Mens Division 1 / Womens Division 1

 -   Mens Division 2 / Womens Division 2

 -   Mens Division 3 / Womens Division 3*

 -   Boys Under 19 / Girls Under 19

 -   Boys Under 17 / Girls Under 17

 -   Boys Under 15 / Girls Under 15

PVL Season and Training

Training for Easts will usually be on Tuesday nights for most teams or Thursday night. The full training schedule will be released following the conclusion of PVL trials. 

The PVL Season usually will conisist of 15 weeks of matches played on Sundays across multiple venues in Brisbane (will a few exceptions being played on the Gold Coast). Information regarding the PVL Season can be found via the Volleyball Queensland website.

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