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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new to volleyball, what program should I look into joining?

If you're a junior athlete, we recommend the Junior Training Program. If you're a senior athlete (16yo or older), we recommend Social Training, or the Phoenix League.

How do I join the club?

Thanks for wanting to play at Easts! To join the club, you'll need to register to a program. We offer programs for beginners all the way to advanced athletes. We offer a multitude of different programs, all which can be viewed underneath the 'Programs' banner.

I'm not sure if I able to play PVL or JPVL - do I need to be of a particular skill level?

Generally PVL and JPVL are for athletes that are looking for a competitive environment to play in. While athletes are generally more experienced, there's no reason why you shouldn't trial! It never hurts to try!

Do Easts offer Payment Plans?

Yes, Easts offer payment plans for our programs upon request to our Treasurer - generally we will invoice you the cost of the program during the season.

I've registered for a program, but haven't received an email?

An email will be sent approximately 1 week out from the start of the program. The current programs starting are: 

 - Junior Training Program.

If your question hasn't been answered, please send us a message!



  • General inquiries:  easts [at]

  • PVL inquiries (men):  pvl_men [at]

  • PVL inquiries (women):  pvl_women [at]

  • Invoices & Payments:  accounts [at]

  • Junior Training program:  trevorh [at]

  • Merchandise:  merchandise [at]

Please remember to check your spam, we're having some issues with some email providers.

Bigpond emails are currently filtering out our emails - if you haven't received a reply, just send us another email stating that, and we'll try from an alternate email account.

Haven't Received a Response?

Please note that we may take up to a couple of days to respond to an email. If you haven't received a reply back after a week, we're sorry! Please send us a reminder as it may have actually gone to our junk email.

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