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The information below is currently outdated and is to only provide information on a previous stage of Queensland Restrictions - see the current COVID-19 Information here.

We hope that you're all staying safe and healthy during this time. We just wanted to provide you an update for May on the situation as it currently stands. The Easts Committee are closely motoring the news and advice as it comes from Volleyball Queensland, Volleyball Australia, and Queensland Health. We're working hard to ensure that the club can return to normal operations as soon as it is both safe and feasible to do so. 

May 2020 Update
Published: 1 May 2020

With the current social distancing and quarantine measures still in place, both PVL and JPVL seasons have been postponed. Volleyball Queensland indicates that the proposed starting date for PVL is on 5 July and JPVL later in early August. VQ have also announced that the season will be extended past its original end point and will now be concluding in mid-November. 


This has been one of the most challenging times for everyone and we understand the toll that this has taken due to the change in circumstances. Though we remain hopeful for the day that we can all get back onto the court, the safety and welfare of our athlete and members remains our top priority above all else. With that in mind, what we are seeking is confirmation that your child is still interested in representing Easts Volleyball at either a PVL or JPVL level.  If personal circumstances have changed and you or your child can no longer participate, we will issue a refund on any uniform fees that you have paid at the time of ordering and any fees that you have paid. Please keep in mind that the ending date for PVL/JPVL have also been moved to mid-November.


One of the pressing matters as we prepare to make our return is the order of uniforms. Our uniform supplier is resumed their operations however, noting the restrictions on flights, all orders will now be shipped via sea freight adding 3-4 weeks on delivery times so we are keen to get this order in so that we can provide you with your uniform for the first week back. Can you please respond via email to this address with the subject 'Easts PVL - [You OR Athlete's Name]' by no later than 1pm Tuesday 5 May, indicating whether you would like to proceed ordering your Easts Uniform Kit? If no email is returned, your order will be processed. 

-  Please ensure that your reply has the subject line Easts PVL - [You OR Athlete's Name]. As you can imagine, we'll be receiving a lot of replies from all our members, and we don't want anyone to slip through the cracks.



Other Club Information

Volleyball Queensland has released their working calendar and PVL calendar (v5) which indicates that they intend to resume operations approximately in July. So what does that mean for our club? In this time of uncertainty, we'd like to provide any information (as best we can based on the current information we have) to help you with your planning for the remainder of 2020.

When are we starting again? 

  • At this current time, the honest answer is that we don't know and we don't have the information needed to make that decision yet. One of the largest issues that we will face starting up again is the availability of venues across Brisbane. Though we hope to remain at Mansfield SHS and Villanova College, the circumstances may not allow us to do so. As always, the safety of our players remains above all else; as the restrictions begin to ease, we will reassess the information and provide an answer as fast as we can to you.


What about our other Programs? 

  • Our other club programs such as Phoenix League and the Junior Development Squad will be resumed shortly after the start with the resumption of our scheduled trainings. Phoenix League is currently slated to resume sometime around late June pending advice from QLD Health, VQ and VA. 

  • Unlike 2019, VQ have also indicated that the QLD State Championships will remain at their current date of 29 August/30 August. This means that there is no scheduled PVL/JPVL that weekend. Easts will be sending out EOIs in July for anyone who is interested in attending the tournament.


What can I do to prepare for the PVL/JPVL Season?

  • While we are waiting for the PVL/JPVL season to resume, please ensure that you have a Full Membership to Volleyball Queensland and that you have selected Easts Volleyball Club as your club

  • If you are waiting on an outstanding transfer, please email me ( with your transfer receipt and we will follow it up with VQ

  • There are a couple of outstanding membership transfers for our current athletes, if you have been a part of another club before coming to Easts, please complete this form:

What can I do during the quarantine to keep up with Volleyball? 

  • Angus Sullivan, our Athlete Development Director, has released a strength and conditioning workout for our club to help maintain some sort of training during this time. Gus has also written a few reports detailing how you can remain active and healthy during this time. These reports and workouts can be found on our website here:

  • We will also be providing some referee development later on in May, specifically, how to perform duty and fill-in a scoresheet. We planned to have this workshop for our junior athletes before the start of their season, but will be moving it online for anyone who is interested. The resources can be found on our website later on:

How can I keep up to date with Easts Club News?

  • We will post any small updates (eg: new workouts, workshops, etc) on our website's home page and in the News/Events section. Any major updates (eg: resumption of programs) will be announced via TeamApp, on all social media platforms and via email. Normally the primary method of communication is done via TeamApp, however due to the circumstances, we will be using email as well.


Please understand that we are acting upon the information that we have currently available to us and that this can change with certain circumstances. If you have any questions for us, especially in terms of uniforms, please don't hesitate to ask, we'll answer as best we can with the information we have.


On behalf of the Easts Committee and our coaching team, we hope that you remain safe, healthy and positive until we can see you again on the courts.

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