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Level 1 Officiating Course

Volleyball Queensland offers Level 1 Refereeing Courses online. This only courses involve an online component and can be completed in your own time. 

Price: $49.50 (paid to Volleyball Australia) 

Refereeing Development

The development of referees at Easts Volleyball is a primary focus for us.


This year, Easts will be offering opportunities for referees of all skill levels to increase their experience officiating. Throughout the year, Easts hopes to run several refereeing development sessions where referees are able to come and increase their knowledge of the game and rules as well as officiate a few games.

Keep an eye out on this space for more information!

If you're interested, please contact Nathan Dang

Level 2 Upgrade and Assessment

As a part of our refereeing development program, referees have the ability to request for their officiating to be assessed in order to be upgraded to Level 2, nationally recognised across Volleyball Australia. These can be performed at almost any competition.

Easts offers the ability for you to be able to get your assessment performed at The Phoenix League on Monday Nights by members of the Queensland Volleyball Referee Commission (QVRC). 

Assessments may cost an additional fee depending on whether or not an assessor is required to be brought in. Assessments at the Phoenix League require no payment, however, you will not receive remuneration for the officiating done their while being assessed.

Form more information, please contact Nathan Dang

To attain an upgrade to Level 2, referees must demonstate competency in: 

 -  3x   First Referee (R1)

 -  3x   Second Referee (R2)

 -  2x   Scorer (S)

 -  2x   Linejudge (LJ)