Easts Volleyball Club has had a tremendous year of growth claiming several victories at PVL, JPVL, Phoenix League, State Championships and other tournaments throughout Queensland.

This year, Easts were able to field teams who became the champions of their division:

   - PVL Division 2 Mens Champions

   - PVL Under 18 Boys (D2) Champions

   - Mens Division 2 State Champions

   - Flaming Chalice Division 2 Mens Champions

   - Coffs Jacanana Division 2 Champions

   - VQ Masters Womens 40+ Champions

   - TVA Clash of the Titans Division 2 Champions

   - The Phoenix League S2 - Mens Division1 Champions


Congratulations to all players who played for Easts this year, your contribution to the club has been outstanding and we hope to see you for the 2020 Season!

Dragons Flaming Chalice

Mens Division 2

     Kroppy's Boys     1st

     Easts Black          4th

     Easts Orange      10th

Division 2 Mens Champions

Premier Volleyball League

Mens Division 2

     Easts Black         1st

     Easts Orange      12th

Womens Division 2

     Easts                  9th

Division 2 Men Champions

Junior Premier Volleyball Leauge

Under 18 Boys - Division 1

     Easts Black         2nd

Under 18 Boys - Division 2

     Easts                  1st

Under 16 Boys

     Easts                  2nd

Under 18 Girls - Division 1

     Easts Black         2nd

Under 18 Girls - Division 2

     Easts                  4th

Under 16 Grils

     Easts                  2nd

Under 18 Boys (D2) Champions

VQ Queensland State Championships

Mens Division 2

     Easts Finesse         1st

     Easts Black            2nd

     Easts Bao              5th

Womens Division 2

     Easts                    10th

Mens Division 2 Champions

Under 19 Boys 

     Easts                      3rd

Under 16 Boys

     Easts Black              1st

     Easts Orange           4th

Under 19 Grils 

     Easts                      1st

Under 16 Girls

     Easts                      2nd

Coffs Jacanana Tournament

Division 2

     D.V.A.S. Finesse         1st

     D.V.A.S. Bao             5th

Division 2 Mixed Champions

The Phoenix League

Season 1 - Mens Division 1

     The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad    2nd

Season 2 - Mens Division 1

     The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad    1st

Mens Division 1 Champions

VQ Masters

Womens 40+

     Easts White    1st

Mens 30+

     Easts Black     3rd

Womens (40+) Champions