The Junior Training Program (JTP) is run for athletes aged 8 - 17 years of age.

This program is designed for all junior athletes from beginner to advanced and acts as a pathway into club representation at both Social Leagues,  Junior Premier Volleyball League, and competitions such as Junior State Champs.


Term 3:

Mondays: 11 July to 12 September 2022

Wednesdays: 13 July to 14 September 2022

Fridays: 15 July to 16 September 2022


Junior Training Program

In order to better aid our athletes with their volleyball journey, Easts have recently restructured  our Junior Training Program into more distinct and definable skill progressions. We recognise that all athletes learn and grow at different rates and that their learning environment must also cater for them.

Beginner and Foundational Squads

These programs are heavily suited for our newest athletes looking to start volleyball for the first time, or are still learning the ropes of the sport. The program aims to teach these athletes the basic skills and actions required to play the sport. The Beginner Squad is suited to those just starting their journey, while the Foundational Squad is suited to those who have some grasp of volleyball and are looking to progress further.




$100 per session for the term (plus $25 annual club membership, if not already paid for 2022)

Intermediate Squad

The Intermediate Squad is aimed at athletes who have a good grasp and understanding of volleyball and aims to build onto that existing knowledge. Athletes here are introduced to further skill acquisition and explore systems required for higher level competition (defensive systems, rotations, etc). The recommended age range is Year 7 through to Year 10 (approx: ages 12 - 16).

You can choose from the following sessions:

  • Monday 6:30pm to 8:00pm - Redeemer Lutheran College, Multi Purpose Centre

  • Monday 7:30pm to 9:00pm - Balmoral State High School, Sports Hall

  • Friday 6:00pm to 7:30pm - Balmoral State High School, Sports Hall


$115 per session for the term (plus $25 annual club membership, if not already paid for 2022)

Aspiring / Advanced Squad

This program is by invitation only.

Our Aspiring and Advanced Programs aim to provide both a technical and theoretical approach to volleyball required to compete at a representative level. At this level, athletes who aspire to compete in Junior PVL, State Teams, or District Teams are taught more strategical gameplay, positional/defensive systems, and a more narrowed approach to skill acquisition. To promote gameplay scenarios that athletes will encounter at representative levels, the size of this squad is capped per court. The recommended age range is Year 9 through to Year 12 (approx: ages 14 - 18).



You can choose from the following sessions:




$145 per session for the term (plus $25 annual club membership, if not already paid for 2022)

Volleyball Queensland Membership

All athletes participating in our Junior Training Programs must be registered with Volleyball Queensland.  This is in addition to the costs detailed above.

This fee, paid to Volleyball Queensland, is an annual fee valid to 31 March each year.  When registering with Volleyball Queensland, players will need at least a recreational membership which (as at 2022) costs $30.  If a person is playing in any National Competition such as Aust Volleyball Schools Cup or playing in Junior Premier Volleyball League they will need a Full Junior Under 19 membership which (as at 2022) costs $60.

To register with Volleyball Queensland please go to

Which Program is right for me?

I'm new to Volleyball or just starting out:

We recommend starting at the Beginner Squad so that we can help you learn all the skills needed to be a volleyballer!

I've played for a bit, and am a part of my school team:

We recommend starting at the Foundational Squad as well so we can assess how much you know about volleyball. From there we'll either recommend you stay in Foundational for a little longer to learn all the skills needed for Intermediate, or invite you to train with the Intermediate program instead. While we recommend that you start at the Foundational squad, if you've been playing for a while (at least 2 years at school level) you should consider the Intermediate Squad as the starting point.

How to I get into the Aspiring / Advanced Squad?

At this point, we're catering our Aspiring and Advanced Squad to athletes looking to begin their journey to representative sport (either through Junior PVL or State Teams). If this sounds like you, please apply to be part of this program! Athletes are asked to first start in the Intermediate Squad so that we can assess both your technical and theoretical knowledge of volleyball, and from there, you'll be invited to train in the Advanced Squad.

What is a Club Membership Cost?

Each athlete will also have a $25.00 membership fee to join Easts Volleyball. This is an annual once-off cost that covers the administrative costs of the club such as bank fees, cost of affiliation with Volleyball Queensland, audits, etc.

Why do I need to register with Volleyball Queensland as well as Easts?

Volleyball Queensland is our parent State body.  We affiliate with Volleyball Queensland as it gives the club access to a number of resources, competitions, and the Volleyball national insurance scheme.  This insurance protects our members as well as the club.  It is a condition of our affiliation that any athlete participating in Easts programs is registered with Volleyball Queensland.


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