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Volleyball is a highly-intense and dynamic sport which demands a lot from its players. Starting this year, Easts will be introducing a strength and conditioning program that aims to build the physical attributes needed in volleyball.


Strength and Conditioning

Volleyball, be it on the sand or on hard court, is a physically demanding activity that requires high levels of strength, power, and agility. While these are maintained and developed through skill-based playing and training, there are many opportunities for volleyball athletes to develop the necessary components for fitness away from the court.


The strength and conditioning program is run by the Athlete Development Coordinator, Angus Sullivan, and incorporates building the components of fitness as well as returning from injury and completing activities with the goal of injury prevention. Any athletes or parents who are seeking more information regarding the strength and conditioning program here at Easts Volleyball are encouraged to contact Angus directly at


Strength and Conditioning
Holiday Camp

S&C Camp
Sports Science Reports

Sports Science Reports

Designed to increase awareness and knowledge in the area of sports science, Angus Sullivan, our Athlete Development Director, writes on specific areas of conditioning and development which may help your long-term health for both volleyball and general living. These reports will generally be released once a fortnight. If you have any questions or want to know more, Gus is always available to chat.

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