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Young person safeguarding

Easts Volleyball is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of Young People in
Volleyball at our club.  This page contains all of our club statements, codes, and policies that enact this commitment.

Young person safeguarding strategy

Easts Volleyball is a community based sporting club that delivers volleyball training and
competition programs, and other events to players of all ages. Easts Volleyball holds as
fundamental to all of our activities and programs that involve Young People, the need for our club
to be Young Person Safe.

These documents comprise Easts' Young Person Safeguarding Strategy.

Easts has appointed two Safety Coordinators who are members of our Management Committee and are responsible for ensuring that this Framework is implemented across Easts activities and for keeping this framework up-to-date.

To contact either of our Safety Coordinators please email: safety [at]

This document provides an overarching framework to our Young Person Safeguarding Strategy.  It details how both the Australian Commonwealth Government and Queensland Government frameworks (legislative and otherwise) have been implemented by Easts.

This is Easts Statement of Commitment to Young Person Safeguarding.  It is a central component of our Framework and recognises the fundamental rights of Young People and that safety for Young People encompasses both physical safety as well as supporting wellbeing.

Easts Volleyball has developed and implemented a Code of Conduct that outlines, practically, expectations of behaviours for Coaches, Players, Parents, Spectators, Officials and Administrators. All Easts Team Members, Parents, Spectators and Officials must adhere to this Code of Conduct
and are required to confirm this before they start any involvement.

The Young Person Safeguarding Practices: Behaviour have been developed to identify and prevent behaviour that may be harmful to Young People’s rights, safety and wellness in our club’s activities and programs. A breach of these practices is a breach of our YPS Strategy and will be managed in accordance with the YPSP: Managing Breaches. We require of all Easts Team Members to comply with these standards of behaviour as they undertake their roles and responsibilities in club activities and programs. The behaviours are:

1. Ethical decision making
2. Conflicts of interest and Young People
3. Equitable opportunity and participation
4. Promotion of fair play, respect, ethics, integrity and safety
5. Prohibited conduct
6. Professional Boundaries
7. Use of language and tone of voice
8. Positive guidance (Discipline)
9. Supervision
10. Use of electronic or online communications
11. Photographs of Young People
12. Physical contact with Young People
13. Overnight stays and sleeping arrangements
14. Change room arrangements
15. Use of, possession or supply of alcohol or drugs
16. Parent/Guardian/Trusted Adult involvement
17. Transporting Young People
18. Drop-off and pick-up of Young People
19. Ensuring programs and activities support Young Person Safety

The Young Person Safeguarding Practices: Recruitment and Screening have been
developed to provide a fair, safe, consistent, and comprehensive recruitment process within our
club. Our club takes Young Person Safeguarding seriously and ensures that the club recruits
personnel that are suitably qualified and committed to providing professional, safe, and enjoyable
programs and activities to Young People. These practices are:

1. Identifying Young Person Related Positions
2. Position Descriptions
3. Advertising
4. Interviews
5. Working with Children Requirements
6. Reference Checks
7. Qualification and registration checks
8. Young people as personnel
9. Training
10. Probation
11. Management

Young People can only be protected from harm if it is reported and dealt with quickly and
effectively. The Young Person Safeguarding Practices: Managing Breaches outline what is
required to manage disclosures or suspicions of harm as well as complaints and concerns related
to Safeguarding Young People.

A harm report form is available here.

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