In addition to our dedicated volunteers who help run our club, Easts is very fortunate to have dedicated coaches lead teams and athletes in their development and growth here at Easts. 

We're proud to have some of Queensland's most successful and experienced coaches lead our programs and share their knowledge to a new generation of athletes.

Below are profiles of our current coaching staff for Easts Volleyball in 2020.


Program Head Coaches

Coaching Director

Todd Kropp is the Head Coach and Coaching Director for Easts Volleyball. Todd leads the coaching team with over 12 years of experience under his belt, ranging from coaching local school teams in Brisbane, to coaching the Queensland U17 Boys, to also coaching overseas with the Volleyball Australia Junior Mens Development Program.

Todd continues to share his knowledge and experience with the younger coaches and players in Easts and mentors their growth and development as athletes.

On top of coaching, he is still an active player for Easts Volleyball, if you don't see him on the sidelines coaching our teams, you'll definitely see him on court chasing down every ball.

Mens Head Coach / Athlete Development Coordinator

Angus (Gus) Sullivan is in charge of Easts Strength and Conditioning Program as the Athlete Development Director and is involved with the Mens Program (Juniors/Seniors) as Head Coach. With a background in exercise and nutrition along with sports medicine, Gus' skill set is heavily suited to the task of developing our athletes in their strength and conditioning. 

Gus has also worked heavily with the QLD State Program as a coach for the U17 Boys, Volleyball Queensland's Development Camps and Volleyball Australia National Youth Camps. 

Like Todd, you will most likely find Gus either developing and assisting our team coaches, or on court playing volleyball.

Womens Head Coach

In addition to being the President of Easts Volleyball, Trevor also spends his time as the head coach of the Womens Program, and the Junior Development Squad. 

Trevor has been with Easts since the start of the club back in 2006 and shares his knowledge of the sport as a player, coach and referee to a new generation of athletes starting with our club. 

Trevor has been involved with VQ Development Programs for a majority of his coaching career  and now serves to better the athletes at Easts Volleyball.


2020 PVL Coaching Team

Ably assisting our head of programs are our team coaches who look after individual teams during both trainings and games. These coaches are often your first port of call when you have a question and the coaches you'll see the most during your time at Easts Volleyball.

You'll find that most of the coaches also are involved in Easts as players for the club, don't be afraid to come say hi to them if you see them on court!



DIVISION 1 MEN  -  Easts

This year, in addition to being the Mens Head Coach, Gus takes on the role as the team coach for the Division 1 Mens team. Alongside Todd, Gus will also be in charge of leading the development of our coaching team sharing his wealth of experience to the program.



DIVISION 2 MEN  -  Easts Orange

Looking to build on from the success of last year's JPVL program, Todd takes a more hands on approach as both the Coaching Director and Division 2 coach. With years of experience under his belt, Todd lends his knowledge to our aspiring and developing athletes.



DIVISION 2 MEN  -  Easts Black

As our resident mentor coach, Anthony Luck has been coaching for over 20 years across several programs from local to national representation. With Easts, he continues to share his wealth of knowledge to our athletes and coaches.


UNDER 19 BOYS (D1)  -  Easts Black

A welcomed addition to Easts, Callum comes from Griffith Uni Raptors with experience coaching at Cleveland State High School, Villanova College, and the Griffith UniSports Division 2 team.


UNDER 17 BOYS  -  Easts Black

A new addition to Easts this year, Nathan comes with experience as head coach for the VQ U14 White Team, a coach for Dragons JPVL Program, coach of several schools around Brisbane including Villanova College, and has been involved with numerous VQ Development Camps.


UNDER 17 BOYS  -  Squad Assistant Coach

Helping the Under 17 Squad, Darcy is one of our youngest coaches, but despite his age, he brings in-depth experience to the coaching team this year. From St Laurence's College and Easts JDS Squad, Darcy is excited to help the U17 teams reach their full potential.



UNDER 17 GIRLS  -  Easts Black

Alec has been a QLD State Team Coach leading his teams to successful tours of AJVC. This year, he comes on board to Easts to help develop and coach the Under 17s program.


UNDER 15 BOYS  -  Easts Black

Another new edition to our JPVL coaching lineup, Ben comes with experience from coaching junior volleyball at Cannon Hill Anglican College at AVSC 2019 and coaching our JDS Program.


UNDER 15 BOYS  -  Squad Assistant Coach

Kealan comes with experience from coaching at Villanova College. As head coach for the Y8s this year and a program leader for Villanova's Junior Development Program, Kealan's skill set is heavily suited to developing athletes. 




Trevor is one of our most experienced coaches at Easts, leading the Womens Program in 2020. He also takes the role as a coaching mentor to all new and developing coaches in our JDS and JPVL program.




Pete has been involved with the development of Easts athletes since the start of the club itself. Coaching numerous teams to success over the years, Pete this year takes the Division 2 team as they look to build on from the progress of last year.



DIVISION 2 MEN  -  Easts White

Glenn has had years of experience both as a player and a coach and shares his knowledge with our senior athletes. In addition to coaching Division 2 Men, he will also helping our coaching staff across the Mens and Junior Mens teams.


UNDER 19 BOYS (D2)  -  Easts Orange

Like many of our coaches here at Easts, Grace coaches several schools locally in Brisbane including Somerville, All Hallows and Villanova College. She has been involved at VQ's Pirates Camps and is excited to help develop the U19s team.


UNDER 17 BOYS  -  Easts Orange

Sam comes with experience as a player from the QLD State Program and a Australian representative for the VA Junior Development Program. He shares his knoweldge and experience with our newest and youngest athletes at JDS and JPVL.


UNDER 17 BOYS  -  Squad Assistant Coach

Helping out the Under 17 Squad, Egor is the newest member to the Easts coaching lineup from UQ Volleyball Club. Egor has coached at numerous schools including Brisbane Grammar and Villanova College as well as being the assistant coach to the VQ U15 Maroon Team.


UNDER 17 GIRLS  -  Easts Orange

As the former sports captain at Cannon Hill Anglican College, Dana has been involved with sport and coaching from a very young age. She comes on board the Womens Program ready to help our athletes grow to be their very best.


UNDER 15 BOYS  -  Easts Orange

Another new edition to our JPVL coaching lineup, Ben comes with experience from coaching junior volleyball at Anglican Church Grammar School (Churchie) over numerous years and grades as well as  coaching our JDS Program.


UNDER 15 GIRLS  -  Easts

Christina has been a long time coach at Easts and is a valued member of the coaching team. She has experience coaching numerous VQ Development Programs as well as being coach to the U14 Girls State Program in 2019.