Easts Volleyball Club has had a strong history as a club, and it's all thanks to our members. From athletes to volunteers, Easts wouldn't be able to operate without the help and effort of our members.


Here, we recognise and congratulate the accomplishments of our members, our volunteers, and especially our athletes. 

From all of us at Easts, thank you for the year!



VQ Premier Volleyball Leauge


     Sam Pittorino  -  Most Valuable Player  (Mens Division 1)

     Nicci Marr  -  Most Valuable Player  (Womens Division 1)

     Shaun Andersen  -  Player of the Finals  (Mens Division 2)

     Ethan Booth  -  Player of the Finals  (Mens Division 3)

VQ Junior Premier Volleyball Leauge


     Xander van Driel  -  Most Valuable Player and Player of the Finals (Under 17 Boys)

     Nick Craig  -  Player of the Finals  (Under 15 Boys)

VQ Country Championships


     Oliver Merritt  -  Most Valuable Player (Mens Division 2)

Volleyball Queensland Schools Cup


     Tom Roberts  -  Most Valuable Player (Under 20 Boys Honours)

     Jack McIntosh  -  Most Valuable Player  (Year 11 Boys Division 1)

     Thomas Boxall  -  Most Valuable Player  (Year 10 Boys Honours)

     Jamie Fouche  -   Most Valuable Player  (Year 10 Boys Division 1)

     Olivia McKenzie  -  Most Valuable Player  (Year 10 Girls Division 2)

Easts Junior Volleyball Championships


     Sam Pittorino  -  Most Valuable Player and Player of the Finals (Under 19 Boys)

     Sam Orford  -  Player of the Finals (Under 15 Boys)


     Georgia Payne  -  Most Valuable Player (Under 15 Girls)

     Hannah Christie  -  Player of the Finals (Under 15 Girls)

The Phoenix League 


     Sam Pittorino  -  Most Valuable Player (Mens Division 1 - Season 4)

     Sophie Capell  -  Most Valuable Player (Womens Division 1 - Season 4)



2020 Male Tiger of the Year

     Darcy Jackson

Under 15 Boys - Most Valuable Player

     Nick Craig (Easts Black)

     Joseph Rhodes (Easts Orange)

Under 17 Boys - Most Valuable Player

     Bailey Somerville (Easts Black)

     Cooper Stevens (Easts Orange)

Under 19 Boys - Most Valuable Player

     Edison Percy (Easts Black)

     Jonathan Kitchen (Easts Orange)

Division 3 Men - Most Valuable Player

     Ben Gartside (Easts Black)

     William Jennings (Easts White)

Division 2 Men - Most Valuable Player

     Joshua Reid (Easts Black)

Division 1 Men - Most Valuable Player

     Tom Roberts (Easts)

2020 Female Tiger of the Year

     Victoria Andersen-Bond

Under 15 Girls - Most Valuable Player

     Hannah Christie (Easts Black)

     Amelie Borman (Easts Orange)


Under 17 Girls - Most Valuable Player

     Olivia McKenzie (Easts Black)

     Mille Bishop (Easts Orange)

Under 19 Girls - Most Valuable Player

     Isabella Daley (Easts)

Division 2 Women - Most Valuable Player

     Sophie Capell (Easts)

Division 1 Women - Most Valuable Player

     Nicci Marr (Easts)



Congratulations to the following Easts athletes who have been selected to be a part of the Australian Volleyball Academy in 2021. We wish the best of luck to these athletes on their future path as volleyballers!

William D'Arcy

Division 1 Men - Easts

Lucas Josefsen

Division 1 Men - Easts

Matt Kemp

Division 1 Men - Easts



Thank you to the following members of our club for their contributions to Easts Volleyball Club.

Club Operations

Trevor Hunter - Easts President / PVL Coach / JDS Coordinator

Peter Worthy - PVL Coach / Easts Secretary

Todd Kropp - Easts Head Coach / PVL Coordinator

Angus Sullivan - PVL Coach / Athlete Development Coordinator

Heather Booth - Administrative Services Coordinator

Gary Pittorino - Easts Treasurer

Nathan Dang - JPVL Coach / Member Services Coordinator

Glenn Bradley - PVL Coach / General Trainings Coordinator

Anthony Luck - PVL Coach / Committee Member

Christine Bond - Committee Member / COVID Safety Officer

Callum Brown - JPVL Coach

Grace Wei - JPVL Coach

Sam Pittorino - JPVL Coach

Darcy Jackson - JPVL Coach

Alec Barrows - JPVL Coach

Dana Drought - JPVL Coach

Ben Gartside - JPVL Coach

Will Watts - JPVL Coach

Kealan Dunnett - JPVL Coach

Egor Kalinin - JPVL Coach

Cristina Draguceanu - JPVL Coach

Rosie Campbell - JDS Coach

Griffin Vann-Wildman - JDS Coach

Victoria Andersen-Bond - JDS Coach

Terry Martin - EJVC Coach


Easts Volleyball Club

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