Easts Volleyball is proud to present an alternative competition to the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup (AVSC), the Easts COVID Cup!

We're hoping to welcome teams back to the courts one last time this year to compete in our juniors competition to celebrate the year that was 2020.


Easts COVID Cup 2020

Easts Volleyball are proud to present the Easts COVID Cup to be held from the 7th of December to the 9th of December 2020. With so may events being cancelled this year, we wanted to give school teams who were looking forward to playing AVSC an opportunity to play competitive volleyball in December.

This three-day tournament will be open to all junior athletes from schools, across Queensland and beyond who are looking to play. Whether you're looking to prepare for your school season in 2021, or just wanting to play, we have a spot for you at this tournament.


When:        7-9 December 2020 (3 Days)

Where:       Various Venues (Brisbane)

Cost:          $365.00 per team  (Divisional)

                   $465.00 per team  (Honours)

Contact:    tournaments@eastsvolleyball.club


Honours: Best-of-5 (untimed)

Divisional: Time-limited games (60 minutes)

    -  10-minute warmup protocol (all matches)

    -  Minimum of 6 games across the tournament


4 November 2020     -   Nominations Open (8:00 am)

20 November 2020   -   Nominations Close (9:00pm)

23 November 2020   -   Venues Announced/Allocated

23 November 2020   -   Invoices Sent

27 November 2020   -   Team Lists Due / Invoices Due

2 December 2020     -   Planned Draw Release

6 December 2020     -   General Technical Meeting

7-9 December 2020  -   Easts COVID Cup


    -  Year 11 Boys - Division 1

    -  Year 11 Girls - Division 1

    -  Year 10 Boys - Division 1

    -  Year 10 Girls - Division 1

    -  Year 9 Boys - Division 1

    -  Year 9 Girls - Division 1

    -  Year 8 Boys - Division 1

    -  Year 8 Girls - Division 1

    -  Year 7 Boys - Division 1

    -  Year 7 Girls - Division 1

(With the possibility of additional divisions should nominations allow)


    -  Year 10 Boys Honours

    -  Year 10 Girls Honours

    -  Year 9 Boys Honours

    -  Year 9 Girls Honours

    -  Year 8 Boys Honours

    -  Year 8 Girls Honours

(Please be aware that divisions require at least six (6) participating teams to be viable. Easts reserves the right to consolidate divisions where this viability threshold is not met.)


The likely venues for this tournament are listed below, these may change based on nominations. Please note that divisions will not be allocated to a particular venue until nominations are closed. Allocation is based on the number of teams based in that division.


There is a four-step process to nominating teams in the Easts COVID Cup. This nomination process is the same as Volleyball Queensland Schools Cup.

1.   Apply for access to the online system via this Jotform

2.   Once access has been received, complete team nominations.

3.   Select 'Easts COVID Cup' under the Events tab.

4.   Once team nominations have been confirmed, complete team lists.


The request form and nominations for Easts COVID Cup are currently open and will close on 20 November 2020.

Tournament Resources

Tournament Regulations - v1.0

   Released: 5 November 2020 (9:00pm)

COVID-19 Safety Measures and Policies

   To be released: Friday 6 November 2020

Spectator Policy

   To be released: Wednesday 11 November 2020

Tournament Design Brief (EOI Results)

   Released: 4 November 2020

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